Lagouvardos Beach

Lagouvardos Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Greece, a place ideal for surfing, swimming and relaxing. It is Located 2km near Marathopolis or Marathos, a beautiful fishermen’s village, and 6 km from the historical city Gargalianoi on the southwest of magnificent Messinia.

Wave Conditions

The shore Breaking waves are ideal for your first surfing experience. The seafloor surface is covered with a protective thick layer of sand and there is plenty of space to find your own area in the water. Check out the wave report and our TWiTs on the right side or just give us a call to ask the surfing conditions. The average Sea Temperature in Peloponnese is more than 20°C at summer time. Wetsuit is rarely needed.

From our Blog: Kids Only Surf Event 2016

20-21 August Beach Break Lagouvardos Kids Only Surf Event
Powerd by: Billabong - Dakine - Vonzipper and Bikos 

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